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Ilhan Omar, the first of two Muslim women elected to Congress and freshman Democrat from Minnesota, has managed to cause quite the controversy when she called into question the "push for allegiance to a foreign country," referring to the United States' pro-Israel lobby. She made very clear that she sees the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as unfair. Clearly because she feels for the Palestinians; who are her Muslim brothers and sister in faith. Her comments were met by a slew of negative backlash form both Republican and fellow Democrats alike.

Omar has also found outspoken supporters in the broader left-progressive hemisphere. Her supporters contend that she is being unfairly criticized because she is a Muslim woman of color. The anti-Muslim woman of color rhetoric would've been an argument (although not even a good one) from the left if twenty-three years ago, Ilhan Omar and her family, hadn't been rescued by the United States after fleeing civil war in her native country of Somalia and becoming a refugee.

She has been previously called out for anti-Semitic tropes and has apologized. Even so, she remains adamant that "criticizing a military action by a government" and disagreeing with the United States friendly proximity to Israel is not the same as being an anti-Semite. Except that distinction becomes blurry for the rest of the citizens of the world who are aware that the United States and Israel are strong allies and that Israel is, in fact, America's most reliable strategic partner in the Middle East. Omar must've missed the memo regarding the United States-Israel relations; because that would be the only reason why anyone would call this into question. Her antisemitism is nothing new, however. As early as 2012, she tweeted "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel, #Gaza #Palestine #Israel."

Furthermore, she has called for the boycott of events in Israel and has even gone so far as to call for the eradication of Israel altogether, because of their "oppression of Palestine." Omar also infamously tweeted "It's all about the Benjamins baby," using the Puff Daddy rap song of the same title to speak on the hundred dollar bill and using it to attack the AIPAC, a pro-Israeli lobbying group. I am assuming no one told her that using stereotypes to connect Jews to money and insinuating that they buy influence, is probably not a good idea. She must've also missed the memo that the United States has the largest Christian population in the world of upwards of 240 million people. And guess what? Christians are the biggest defenders of Israel in the world. Perhaps moving to a country that is not engulfed by Judeo-Christian values would be better than trying to convince a country that is to sabotage their best alliance in the Middle East. Just some food for thought.

After all this hoopla, the house committee know something had to be done regarding Ilhan Omar. They set out an investigation to see if Omar would be reprimanded or even removed from the foreign relations committee. This very important task was entrusted to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Legitimately, the stupidest woman in the House of Representatives. Nancy's findings: "I don't think our colleague is anti-Semitic. I think she has a different experience in the use of words. Doesn't understand that some are fraught with meaning that she didn't realize..." and basically made various excuses for why Ilhan Omar might be stupid in the English language. In which case, she clearly cannot be entrusted with the prestigious position of Representative of anything in the United States, much less be a part of the foreign relations committee. Perhaps a housekeeping gig for gentiles would be best suited for Omar, with her clear disdain of Jews and lack of understanding of the English language, according to Nancy Pelosi's findings.

Also noteworthy and cringeworthy, is the apparent ungratefulness of an individual who lived in a tent in Kenya for four years after having fled civil war in her home country, to then show such disdain for the government that clothed, sheltered and provided a safe haven for her and her family. There is something terribly wrong with our government structure when someone as clearly enthralled in religious agenda as Ilhan Omar is, is allowed to represent Americans. Muslims in the United States can and have shown to be peaceful, however, Ilhan Omar comes from a country where there is no balance. It's either all or nothing and she is trying to impose those extremist views onto the American people.

It is fact that in most Middle Eastern Muslim countries, the Muslims are radicals who disenfranchise women, marry child brides off to old disgusting men (known in the United States as pedophiles) and still practice stoning one to death as a form of punishment. They punish women for being raped because of the "dishonor" that this act brings to the family. Husbands beat their wives and children regularly and openly with no consequence to them. In predominantly radical Muslim countries being born female is a disgrace because men are superior and there is no value in women other than procreating, cleaning and cooking. There is something inherently wrong with a religion that is predominantly violent worldwide and lacks basic humanity. Radical followers of this religion are also the number one basic human rights violators in the entire world because there are 1.8 billion people worldwide that follow Islam. Although not all of them are radicals or extremists and it is important to know this as well. The radical side of Islam is not really felt in the United States on a daily basis because we have laws that prevent people from doing any of the aforementioned and super illegal things that is customary practice in countries where Islamic extremists are predominant. Islam is the second largest religion in the world, only lagging to christianity.

Christians have also had their share of mistreatment of people. They are responsible for a staggering number of deaths during Religious Wars such as the 15th Century Crusades, the 1568 Spanish Inquisition, the 17th Century 30 Years War and many others. However, Christians today are mostly peaceful, with the exception of a few disgruntled groups who are also extremists. Even so, those are far and few in between. How many times have you read in the Newspaper, heard on the Radio or saw in a televised News Report, that christians were causing uproar, violence or violating humans rights due to extremists? Exactly, that's not a thing. Even other religions that have their cult-like sects such as the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) which had the scandal with Warren Jeffs, who is also an old pervert and full time pedophile and woman abuser that is now in prison for the remainder of his natural life, are a small minority. There are always scandals in religion and there are always people who claim to be of faith that are practicing horrific behaviors, but none are misbehaving in masses like the radical Islam extremists. These are not my personal opinions, they are facts. If you have internet access, you can look all of this up. Americans must be very careful and cognizant not to bring this extreme way of thinking into our country. We are all here to worship as we see fit as long as no laws are violated, or not worship at all because we also have the right not to have faith. We are all free and that is a great thing. Let us not become a country that allows people to seek the destruction of Israel who are our allies.

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