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Chelsea Clinton was approached and cornered by indignant NYU students while attending a vigil for the New Zealand shooting victims at the campus. One of the students, promptly identified as, Leen Dweik, a senior at NYU, was seen berating a cornered and pregnant Chelsea Clinton. Dweik, the main presence in the since deleted video that has now gone viral, wore a Bernie Sanders 2020 T-Shirt, while yelling harsh words at Clinton. She can be heard saying that "The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there." All this, while other students chimed in and finger-snapped in solidarity of this stupidity. The students (which at least one of whom was Palestinian) later spoke on their need to approach her because of the controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar. The Clintons have publicly denounced anti-semitism in the wake of Omar's anti-Israel rhetoric. The students saw that as a threat and when she was there, they reserved the right to corner her and make her feel threatened and uncomfortable for something she had no direct or indirect part in.

These students did not even have the common courtesy to respect the fact that she is carrying a child. It's quite ironic how a group of people can have so much compassion for some while blatantly disregarding others. What people with cognitive skills are still wondering is how Chelsea Clinton is responsible for a white supremacist shooting a mosque, simply because she and her family denounced the very blunt anti-semitism of Ilhan Omar? We are losing our freedom of speech when calling out a muslim for being anti-semitic automatically makes an individual responsible for the murder of muslims across the world. That is a very dangerous and slippery slope. People are becoming more and more extreme in their views and this will undoubtedly lead to someone getting hurt at some point. Even worse is that they did not even go after someone of an opposing party to their own. The students share the commonality of political views with Clinton. How could they then turn around and blame her for this if she shares their same general values? That's the ridiculous extremism point that this nation has reached. If this isn't radicalism, I don't know what is.

Two of the students, Leen Dweik and pal Rose Asaf, were then given a platform on Buzzfeed to speak on the incident and further harass Chelsea Clinton. While doing so, these two humans defended Ilhan Omar and took the opportunity to call for the full demolition of Israel. What? I know, my thoughts exactly. So calling a muslim out for spewing antisemitic verbal diarrhea is wrong, but calling for the destruction of Jewish people is totally fine. In what world is that sensible? These girls called Chelsea Clinton out for something that they saw as egregious hateful rhetoric and then went on a news platform and did worse than the actual thing they originally called Chelsea Clinton out for—all whilst using the slur word "f*g" to describe gay men. What in the actual hell is wrong with people?

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