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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

It used to be that Americans could formulate opinions and state them aloud. Even in the case of an overall disagreeable or unpopular statement. For over a decade now, Americans have seen an unprecedented rise in infringement of rights; even those protected by the constitution. Something as minute as stating an opinion or commenting from a personal point of view that is contrary to popular belief can now have catastrophic consequences. The mere utterances of unpopular societal opinions can bring forth an onslaught of hate, public ridicule, loss of employment and even threats of violence and death.

Between minorities, immigration, the LGBTQ, feminism, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and religious organizations, it seems one can't say anything anymore without offending one, several or all of the aforementioned groups. Although offending someone is not illegal, it may as well be because it is now the general consensus, that hurting people's feelings will get you in trouble. This is very worrisome. When I was little, I remember hearing all sorts of insane opinions, deferring political views and even racist comments being thrown around by adults. Some adults agreed and others frowned upon these notions, but everyone was allowed to have their opinion, displaced as it may have been. There was a time when people agreed to disagree and they left it at that. Once upon a time the citizens of this great nation understood that sometimes it was better to be at peace than to be right, so people picked their battles. Not to mention we were all stronger because of it. Nothing really hurt our feelings too much because we just had thick skin.

When did we become so sensitive? Now everyone is on edge and careful not to offend our fellow human beings' sensibilities. That's where Donald Trump comes into play. The nation has officially grown tired of the sensitivity. Liberals blame Trump's presidency on conservatives, but in fact, it was the liberals that ensured Trump's presidency. What better way to give everyone the middle finger (so to speak) than to appoint a guy who doesn't give a flipping pancake about anyone's feelings? Americans knew he wasn't a Republican when they voted for him. He has never shown a conservative lifestyle to back his claim to conservatism, but they liked what he had to say. More importantly, they appreciated the fact that society did not stop him from speaking his mind. Everyone knew he was a loose cannon when he was running for president and he won anyway--mainly because America is fed up with the sensitivity factor that is ruining our freedoms. You want a more sensible president? Think about what your reaction will be the next time someone hurts your sensibilities. It is not illegal to have opposing societal views to that of your own.

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